Color Story: Faded Glory

April 06 2016

When we talk about color, we often speak in extremes. Loud neons and deep jewel tones on one end, the stark absence of pure white and black on the other. This season, we’re embracing the subtitles of color – layers of similar, not identical shades and touches of faded and pastel hues that stand out with their softness. It’s a casual approach to color – one inspired by the warm ease of Spring. Shop the Color Story

Layers of White 

Ecru, cream, canvas – there are hundreds of ways to describe the multitudes of white available for Spring and Summer. These light shades have historically been worn in long layers by cultures acclimated to the heat of desert climates. We’re layering light shades of every sort into looks that are inspired by the heat of the desert, and cool enough for the city streets.


Military green has always carried a certain weight, be it the tailored uniform of a soldier at a UFO dance or the faded and patched jacket of a protester marching on Washington. This season, designers are revisiting the storied shade with crisp silhouettes cut from soft, faded fabrics. A gentle nod to the many lives of this military green.


Designers have always had a love affair with the surfer – this time round they are referencing the sunfaded colors of the beach-bum’s wardrobe. Saturated colors are turned soft with exposure to the salt and sun, resulting in garments that add a casual confidence to an outfit without screaming for attention. A single piece in a classic cut is all you need to incorporate the colors into your everyday wear.
Be it an all-over look, or a single piece – we’re embracing color in all it’s forms this season. Shop the Collection for even more colorful options.