Sneaker Care

May 09 2016

Ah, the white sneaker. The Denzel Washington of footwear – it’s been around a while, yet has managed to maintain a level of respectable cool. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to soak your shoes in the fountain of youth that Mr. Washington has been bathing in for the past few decades. They will wear in, they will attract dirt. There are, of course, things you can do to keep your shoes looking fresh out the box. Option one is to never wear your sneakers – it’s the only surefire way to keep them looking bright as day. In lieu of this abstinence-only approach to sneaker care, we recommend the following five step system using some of our favorite Jason Markk products.

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Step 01 Knocking Boots

The first step of any shoe care routine is simple enough – remove the laces and insoles. Set these aside and focus on the good stuff.  Knock the soles of your sneakers together to dislodge any dirt or debris that might have gotten trapped in the tread. Run a lightly dampened cloth over the upper and mid soles to remove any larger patches of dirt.

Step 02 Spot Clean

The thing about dirty shoes is that they always seem to get dirty when you don’t have time to stop and clean them. We’re big fans of the Jason Markk Quick Wipes for just this reason – toss a couple in your work bag and a few in your gym bag to take care of dirt on the go. Don’t let one misplaced step into city grime ruin your shoe – or, consequently, your day. The Quick Wipes have an abrasive surface to scrub away tough dirt, and a soft side to wipe it away.

Step 03 Go Deep

Every so often, you’re going to need to deep clean your sneakers. Even if you’re adamant about spot cleaning as dirt comes along, it’s good form to go in with a bit of elbow grease from time-to-time to keep your sneakers looking their best. Fill a bowl with warm water and dampen the bristles on your shoe brush. Apply a shoe cleanser to the brush (a thin line should do) and begin scrubbing at the midsole to create a good foam. Work up to clean the upper with small, circular motions. Rinse and repeat as necessary. The amount of scrubbing required will vary by shoe material and wear pattern, but if you need a more intense clean (especially on Synthetics and Rubbers) we recommend using Magic Erasers. Grab a soft microfiber cloth and remove any excess cleaner.

Step 04 Patience

Perhaps the most difficult part of any sneaker care routine is allowing the time for your shoes to air dry. Sneakers – even canvas and plimsoll varieties – should never be tumbled dry. To ensure even drying, pull the tongue out to allow more air into the shoe.

Step 05 Protect

Shoe care is, as with many things, a matter of maintenance. Set yourself up right with a protective spray – Jason Markk’s Repel is specially formulated for the job. Take your shoe in hand and spray from a distance of approximately 6 inches, the goal is even coverage – not to dampen the shoe. You’ll need to allow this to dry as well before re-lacing.

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