Classic vs. Contemporary: Wear it Both Ways

May 31 2016

The warm weather of summer opens up a lot of possibilities for dressing. Without having to concern ourselves with the harsh effects of snow, salt and drying winds, our footwear options have infinitely broadened. Of course, with each season’s new styles comes a dilemma: will you boldly embrace the on-trend colors and new silhouettes? Or will you stick with the classic interpretations, revived with only the most subtle and modernizing details. We say have it both ways, and embrace the styles of summer – both classic and new – in all their elegant and playful forms.

The Modern Sneaker

Ohh, the days when we used to associate the white sneaker with business women fitting in a power walk at lunch or Jerry Seinfeld’s painfully nineties attire – how the times have changed. While the styles of yesteryear left something (ok, a lot) to be desired, the impulse to wear comfortable sneakers is one we should have never ignored. The clean lines and crisp white of the Original Achilles Low has become a staple in our closets and wardrobes ever since we saw the bright-white sneaker light (hallelujah). Between long weekends wandering far flung cities, and probably the most stylish trips to the supermarket anyone can make, we’ve put a lot of miles on these babies from Common Projects. This season, Woman by Common Projects released a variation on their minimal Achillies silhouette with three strap velcro detailing, somehow making an even bolder statement with cleaner lines. In a soft blush pink, the new Achilles Three Strapis a bit of a revelation: a statement shoe that is easy to wear.

The Sandal

Summer equals sandals: a truth universally acknowledged. Sandals, however, are a category of shoe plagued by the memory of worn out flip-flops and strange tan lines. No fear, we’ve got you covered with sandals made of soft leathers (read: no blisters) and small subtle heels that put your pretty pedicure on a pedestal. The sculptural restraint of the Sofia Sandal is a triumph of footwear, appropriate for both the office and weekend parties. For those days when we’re feeling extra bold, we opt for the warm orange hue of Brother Vellies Guava Dhara Sandal. The slim lines of the shoe say “demure,” while the unexpected color pallet lets ‘em know you’ve got something up your sleeve.

The Glove Shoe

The glove shoe is a bit of an enigma: simple and unassuming as it sits on the shelf, but absolutely sensational when worn. The Glove Shoe is shoe magic as far as we are concerned, a fact stylish women have known for generations. We were first introduced to this particular form of alchemy by the designer Martiniano Lopez Crozet, whose shoes are hand made in Buenos Aires using time-perfected (read: magic) techniques. Crozet’s glove shoe in rich black is both the foundation and finishing touch of all our favorite outfits. Taking after the foot-hugging silhouette, the Bitsie Low in Coral Suede adds a bit of a kick to the classic shoe. The low heel and soft fit are perfect for modest brunching, and maybe some not-so-modest dancing.


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