Styling NSCO 2016

July 08 2016

NSCO, the first proprietary line from Need Supply Co. Japan, is an exploration of duality. Under the creative direction of Takayuki Minami, NSCO balances the influence of Japanese and American workwear with a collection of refined pieces constructed from durable denims, cottons and twills. The majority of pieces in the NSCO collection were designed to be agender – that is to say they are meant to be at home in the wardrobes of both men and women. Keeping this in mind, our styling team approached the NSCO lookbook with a quiet reverence. We spoke with them to gather some suggestions for styling NSCO.

Monotone, Punctuated.

Single-color dressing is the surest way to look put together, this is a truth well known in sartorial circles. Yet a single color head to toe can often feel as if it lacks a point of focus, so we suggest adding a single color at either the head or foot to punctuate the outfit.

Free Form

With a soft structure cut away from the body, the NSCO garments create a sculptural silhouette that is more about volume and movement than rigid form. The key to volume is – as with anything – balance. A cinched waist and tailored tee provide the right foundation for the larger silhouette of a pant leg and jacket.

Tied and True

The Obi Sash is an integral element of many Japanese garments, including the traditional hakama pant. Worn in lieu of a western-style belt, the Obi is a simple way to secure clothing and should be tied simply as well. A once-over knot or single loop cinch are much preferred to over-wrought bows.

Elegance over Excess

Jewelry, whether worn at the neck, wrist, hand or ear should be simple. The focus is on minimal form and fine craftsmanship – accessories should work in harmony with the quietly structured garments.

Snow Shoes

Men’s footwear tends to be reserved. Sticking with understated colors and classic silhouettes is never a bad choice, but you’d be remiss ignore the most neutral of all shades in your shoe wardrobe: white. The clean, sleek color makes a statement with its simplicity and adds a refined finish to any outfit.