A look ahead: Pre-Fall 2016

Images: Clement Pascal

July 27 2016

There’s a tidal shift occurring in fashion. For the past few years, we’ve been bewitched by the bold restraint of minimal dressing. But as we look ahead at Fall 2016 collections, we can’t help but become enamored with bold hues, textural fabrics and voluptuous layers. From the broad western details in Rachel Comey’s prefall collection to the sumptuous metallic textures from Frankie, we’re seeing the return of boldly personal dressing. In the eternal words of the Iris Apfel, “More is more, and less is a bore.”

While we’re still in the throws of Summer, we thought we’d take a look at some of our favorite trends for the season with a preview of the pre-fall deliveries.

The After-five Blouse

The classic working woman’s blouse is returning with full force this autumn; patterns, pussy bows and all. When worn done-up and refined, these tops are perfectly suited for a day’s work, but our preferred way to wear them is a bit more untucked, unbuttoned and undone. While a more traditional oxford cloth or poplin is a classic option, the hang of an undone silk blouse has a languid appeal that feels all the more at home on a woman’s figure. These tops are designed with a distinctly after-five approach; think less secretary, more Bianca Jagger en repose on a velvet banquette at the back of a smoke-filled club.

The Colored Shoe

It’s been said before, and it will be said again (as is the life cycle of all smart sayings): the shoes make the outfit. While we usually return to cool weather neutrals at the end of the summer months, this year we’re planning a bit of a shoe coup. Once relegated to the warmer seasons, the bright accent of a colored shoe has found its way into the fall collections of some of our favorite designers. A perfect finish to any outfit.

Structured Crossbody

Somewhere between that prized structured handbag (the one that sits high in your closest, safe from the wear of daily use), and the beat up messenger you’ve managed to lug your life in for seasons on end is the elegantly structured crossbody. The appeal of a bag worn securely across your body needn’t mitigate your style – these options are thoroughly stylish and worth the spotlight. Look ahead to richer colors as we get into the ides of autumn, as well as interesting closures, like those seen in Rachel Comey’s beloved Baan Bag.

Layered Shells

While the sleeveless shell has, in recent years, become a staple of summer dressing, it wasn’t too long ago that the simple garment stepped out from the shadow of its two-set partner, the cardigan. We suggest elevating the shell even further by wearing it popped over a classic button down or a ribbed mock neck; this way the shell gets the spotlight it truly deserves. As we re-enter the season of layering, the detail of this simple summer top – be it a patch pocket or a textural metallic brocade – adds both interest and a bit of warmth.

Spatial Forms

Existing in the space between the futuristic influence of Pierre Cardin and the embrace of earth-bound imperfections that befall us all lies the most exciting jewelry for fall. The pieces are designed with an awareness of the body on which they will be worn – geometric chokers that contrast the smooth curve of the neck, earrings that harmonize instead of match. If it would look at home in the Star Trek universe, it’s right on the mark.

Room for Movement

We’ve been fans of the wide leg pant for a while now, so it hardly comes as a surprise that this effortless style has found its way into fall, thanks to the use of the rich colors of early autumn. Be it a culotte, sailor pant or wide leg trouser, the addition of volume if probably the quickest way to update an outfit.